Your small business needs SEO: 7 proven tools to get started

Apr 27, 2017

Every entrepreneur fervently believes that the product offered by his company is exactly what the target group needs for the moment. However, for choosing your products and services the prospects should be able to find you on the Web. Here is why you should master some basic SEO skills as a small business owner to help your company flourish. Mastering SEO will certainly boost your company’s success.

Without internal marketing team or outsource company you can make progress as well, albeit rather slowly. In any case, Blurr Creative team has gathered some free and easy to use SEO tools that will help you get started:

  1. Google Analytics: Implementing analytics software is essential for your small business success as it provides valuable data insights about your website that you can use to drive the right traffic to your website as well as improve conversion rate. Google Analytics is a free tool that you can easily implement. Here is what you need to do: just sign up with your Google account and implement the JavaScript tracking code to your website and start gathering the data.
  2. Google Search Console: This is actually the best way to establish communication between you and Google. Google Search Console is also free and you can have it just by signing in with your existing email account. This is the best tool in terms of maintaining, improving and monitoring your website position within Google search results. Find out more here.
  3. Google Keyword Planner: Having long-tail keywords on your website’s particular places like metadata, image alt texts, headings are crucial for your website online visibility as keywords help search engine understand what the user is searching for. In order to choose the right keywords, you should use some keyword research tools. There are a lot of useful and high-quality tools on the Web but the most popular tool is Google keyword planner that you can get for free. Find out more here.
  4. SEO site checkup: This tool provides you with practical analysis and monitoring of your site’s SEO and is presented in a very user-friendly format that can be easily interpreted by non-professional. One of the greatest advantages of this tool is that it not only indicates the mistakes that should be solved but also gives you handy advices how to improve the website performance.
  5. Moz toolbar: Moz toolbar gives instant metrics about your website. It is a free Chrome extension that can be easily downloaded and used for your SEO purposes. This extension can support your SEO efforts in several ways: first of all, it will help you when you type a keyword on Google, on SERP pages you will see statistics for each given page. Secondly, when you click on any given page, you can use MozBar for collecting more information about the web page like page speed load, meta and alt texts, markups and more. Find out more here.
  6. Structured Data testing tool: Let’s start by defining what is structured data: structured data is well-organized data specifically designed for helping search engines better understand the information on your website. It is crucial to implement structured data markup particularly for your website content to get discovered in search results. Structured data testing tool will help you understand how Google interprets your website data.
  7. Builtwith: This amazing tool is designed for helping its users discover what a website is built with. Builtwith is an information profiler tool that shows you all technologies that are used on a particular website. You can examine for example a well-designed website and decide what specific technologies you are going to implement for your own website. Builtwith can track widgets, analytics, frameworks, publishing, advertising and much more. Find out more here.

The importance of each SEO tool can be surely debated but, what is fact is that there is certain number of tools that you need for your everyday SEO work and having really good free options is imperative for small business owners like you.

Having relevant and fresh content is your key to success in online world, so check our blog regularly to find more new tips and tricks about every aspect of digital marketing.

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