Turn Traditional Web Design into GDD – Get Smart not left behind.

Oct 12, 2016

Let’s start by saying that to stand out you have to be different, businesses rely on certain detail to make the them different ( specialisms, a widget, design etc) however tradition normally rears it’s head and it makes you feel a bit comfortable right ?

Over the last 5- 7 years inbound marketing has proven to be the ‘NOW’ of marketing and is getting more mainstream everyday, this points us in the direction of Growth Driven Design (GDD for short) a relatively new approach to web design.

Before you take the mic to persuade your colleagues to try this new web development approach, you’ll need to be able to answer the first question: What is Growth Driven Design?

Growth Driven Design (GDD) is agile development or redesign of a website in intentional increments. Making continuous, adaptations based on data, this is not laboring to make every element of your site perfect before leaving it to sit static online for a few years.

Instead, you minimize risk by focusing on a data- and audience-analysis driven site launch or re-design intending to make changes based on your ongoing analysis of visitors’ needs and your lead conversions.

GDD’s two major phases of development

Phase 1: Strategy/Wish list/Launch Pad Website

– Begin with strategic thinking to evaluate your fundamental assumptions about site users (what their needs and goals are).
– Research whether your assumptions are valid.
– Having determined where your buyers’ are in their journey and their points of pain, brainstorm a wish list of website wants. What are all of the things you want on your site? OK, now what are the top 20% that will have an actual, immediate impact?
– After determining your priorities, develop and launch a website with those core features. You’ll do this quickly, without sacrificing quality (of course). Nevertheless, your goal is to get the site live for an audience to give you the feedback needed to make smarter choices in moving into Phase II.

Benefits Of Launch Pad Websites

Launchpad websites help you strategise for the begining of the web design process and allow for :

– Faster Launch Times ( Typically 45 – 60 days )
– Understanding of visitors by producing and evaluating personas
– Agile development allowing the website to be updated once / twice per week.
– Not a ‘set and forget website’

Phase II: The Growth Driven Design Cycle

The fundamental principle of Growth Driven Design is continuously experimenting, learning (from analysis) and improving your website. In designing the content and messaging, consider site usefulness, user experience, conversion rate optimization, stickiness and how to best tailor the site to the targeted persona.

Once you have the information architecture in place, you’ll move into wireframing and design, then program and development. Yet the need to continue testing for user experience and your goal achievement remains. After all, GDD is closely related to lean marketing principles and shares the “learn quickly what works and discard what doesn’t” mentality.

Essentially, GDD is non-linear. You start out with planning and developing, then quickly move into a stage where you are analyzing data to inform your continuous learning. A final key aspect is transferring that learning to other departments (and listening to them) to better apply the lessons gained from the GDD experience for users and your internal teams.

Benefits Of Growth Driven Design Cycle

As most websites (infact by adopting GDD your business is in the top 11% of business owners who are ahead of the curve) you will see that your website is never stagnant, concentrated efforts are pulled in from your GDD Agency to enable you to :

– Turn your website into a Dynamic Sales Asset
– Test and Turn ( marketing went back to school on this one and decided to test your site at every opportunity to improve it or turn off things that don’t work)
– Ahead of the curve ( 4 in 10 businesses that went traditional web design route in the last 18 months did not track metrics or measure them)
– Removes the guess work in what your visitors want to see and actually gives them what they want.

The above are some of the benefits of adopting GDD, although you may think whats the cost of this and what if i don’t need a complete redesign but need a peak performing website to drive sales ?

GDD can be used in two stages as outlined above, the Launchpad and the GDD Cycle.

Using our methodology we can adopt to the current situation, playing catch up is obsolete, traditional web design is outdated and really taking a leap into the unknown. At Blurr Creative, by reviewing, consulting and putting into practise the GDD methodology which our team are accredited for form Hubspot as a Growth Driven Design Agency you business will be a valuable asset instead of just another static platform.

Still wondering why it’s called Growth Driven Design?, you should talk to Tom ( a GDD specialist) here.

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