The Ultimate Cheat Sheet For Lead Generation

Jan 16, 2018

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet For Lead Generation

Lead Generation can be a hard thing to build into your overall marketing efforts, I mean there are so many different ways of getting leads you can be well overwhelmed by it all.

The description of lead generation is simply identifying a process and cultivating leads for a business’s products or services.

However it all can come down to the planning for this activity and this is where you can fall down quite dramatically.

There are two types of leads:
1. Offline Leads: It means lead generated physically without any need of internet.
2. Online Leads: It means lead generated from website or internet based source through social media, from contacting us form etc.

So to get your marketing machine moving quickly we have complied a short Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Lead Generation.

Fact: Nowadays more than 80% people search any product through internet. So your website must look and perform at it’s best 24/7.

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet For Lead Generation

Here is our view on what matters in Lead generation:

1.Quality Content:

Content is the first priority if your content is of good quality then you could say you may get some leads. So while you are writing blogs, articles, social posting then your content or subject lines have to be really good and relevant to the viewer.

You must also consider the stage that the buyer is in Awareness, Consideration and Decision this enables you to present content in such a way where it is relative to the process.

By considering the stages you can identify leads better and be more accurate with targeted content.

2.Creative Website Design

Always remember that the First impression is the last impression. Your website is your shop window and if it’s not up to scratch then people well will not shop there.

If you are redesigning your website and or this is your first you could use some wireframe tools/software to let you see visually how the new site could look without all the images, this helps when you are considering usability versus design.

An over designed site with poor CTA’s (calls to action) and poor navigation will not lead people to buy from you.

Keep it simple.

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet For Lead Generation

3.Engage and Diversify
Most marketers do content marketing for generating leads. /it is one of the most effective ways to convert your website visitors. Your content is great but you will need to create a reach program which will mean you advertise, keep content fresh and engage with social channels on a regular basis. By doing this you will find that you will gain in visitors to your website and possibly more leads.

4.Site Speed
Slow website loading time can destroy your business. This is a major factor across all search engines as buyers do not want to wait to see your amazingly designed website with flashing lights etc, they just want to read your content or find out more about you.
Check your website speed and if it is not within Google guidelines you may find that your are being penalised and shoppers will be going elsewhere.

5.Add Relevant Videos
Video is the most popular way of reaching an audience and visually showing the benefits of your product or service.

By introducing video to your visitors you are engaging them for longer, which in turn will reduce your bounce rate and possibly increase conversions if you have a tracked CTA against the videos you show.

Video Can Be Used To:
Promote your product or service
Provide social proof
Showcase your portfolio and more.

There are great tools available to host videos on your website or use external video hosts such as Vimeo, Wistia and more.

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet For Lead Generation

6.Questions, Answers & Feedback
Feedback is an important factor.

Get feedback from everyone possible (co-workers, boss, old customers, friends, as well as clients).

Consider posing questions and providing answers on sites such as Reddit and Quora this can help you become authoritative in your specialisim and genuinely helping out.

Lead Generation Is A Process

To deliver on lead generation you will find it’s a targeted process not a scatter gun approach which you have to measure, tweak, refine and review consistently to drive the results you require.


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