Why you should adopt PESO for your digital marketing

Why you should adopt PESO for your digital marketing.

No it’s nothing to do with the mexican currency but a possible way for marketers to adopt a new and fresh method of marketing; yes that’s the Peso Method.

So what does the mean exactly and what can PESO do for you?.

In simple terms the Peso method is a collection of terms used buy PR companies to organise and distrubute communications; the practise has been around for the last five years and was originally brought to the marketing scene by Gini Dietrich owner of marketing blog Spin Sucks a top 10 blog in the marketing arena.

Gini points out “PR is marketing. PR is sales. PR is customer service. PR absolutely can generate leads, nurture them and convert them to sales. PR absolutely can attract new donors.

The “Owned, Earned, Paid and Shared” model now breathes a little life into the marketing industry especially when all 4 work together, here is what Peso stands for:

– Paid

– Earned

– Shared

– Owned

Shared is the other animal in the equation here, (the others have been around since the dawn of time) as some shared activity will required paid whilst others not (organic) and or owned.

Get your PESO on:

To get a grasp on Peso let’s discovery each area in it’s proper context.

  • Paid Media this relates to sponsored tweets, facebook sponsored posts, Outbrain, lead gen and others.
  • Earned Media may fall into traditional area’s of PR however this actually includes blogger and influencer marketing.
  • Shared Media is the opposite of paid media on the social channels all organic activity not paid for.
  • Owned Media is firmly placed on a company’s website and or newsletter. The content is at the centre of all activities here so creating e-books, case studies and real life stories in a working environment will be owned and produced in text, audio and image formats.

The benefits of PESO really come through when you begin to combine all the channels together so much so that greater authority can be established and influence increased developing more inbound links and this would start to push a blog article towards the front page of search engines increasing traffic and leads / subscribers.

Why Do We Like It:
From a team perspective everyone can be involved and bring together a planned process for one piece of ‘Owned Media’ plus not forgetting the amount of content that can be brought out of that piece of content with the end goal in mind whether it’s sign ups or products sold you can see how each channel will work and what performed better.

The key is starting with the end goal in mind and working PESO to your advantage.

We did find that by using some great tools such as Trello or even a white board designing our own PESO labels helps us figure out the best route of any piece of content that we produce.

Will you use PESO?
If your a marketer you may start to adopt PESO as your new friend, if you need a marketing team to work with you on PESO then let’s talk.