Digital Fitness Are You Ready?

Digital Fitness Are You Ready?

Janurary is nearly over,(well it might be when you read this) however you will have been desperately trying to hold onto those promises that you made (new year , new you stuff!) but like some people those promises can disappear quite quickly and before you know it your in February (the love month).

One of the big things you may have considered in your new year new you was fitness (yes you went to the gym and if you are still going go you!) but what about your Digital Fitness?

Now your saying what do I have to run on a treadmill and type?

No, if you do send us a video and we can have a giggle about it, seriously though Digital Fitness is all about getting a balance online as well as offline.

Digital Fitness: Take The Test & Detox

Want to feel better and know what you share online is safe as well as managed?; you should try this test by the guys at Tactical Tech.

The test is designed in such a way that with just a few mins each day you can regain control your digital lifestyle, clean out a lot of garbage (yes the pics of you pole dancing with a few street lamps, not great) also what the outcomes are for sensitive information that is across the internet.

By day 8 of the test you will start to notice some small changes, for example part of the detox was the apps section, now I don’t know about you but i have more apps on my device or devices should I say than I know what to do with, so I went through the detox and deleted at least 6 of them and yep I feel better for it.

Digital Fitness: Clear your mind and your history

If your in shape great!

If your Digital Fitness is the equivalent of watching endless hours of box sets on Netflix and snacking like there is no tomorrow then why not try the Digital Fitness Detox who knows you may even feel like going for a run!