Search Engine Optimization Explained

Breaking down SEO can be a brutally challenging task, even for those who have been working within the world of internet marketing and online business for many years. Given that search engine optimization is something that never stands still and is always changing, too, it can feel pretty daunting trying to get used to the standards and the quality of performance expected across the board.
For those who want to have search engine optimization explained properly, this should help you understand the basics of what makes it such a critical part of business in the modern era.

The Major Change
However, the biggest change in the last decade for search engine optimization has been the massive, wholesale change in the way that content is created. In the past the quality of your content did not really matter, it only mattered on how many times it was using specific keywords – for this reason many people found good ways to spam keywords and make content rise to the top of the search engines.
Now, a good SEO-rated website will have to;

  • Load quickly – under 4s on average for each page.
  • Provide valuable insight and content which can easily be shared on social media.
  • Create networking opportunities with blogs, forums and social media pages in your industry to get them talking about you and sharing links.
  • Be coded right on the backend so the search engines can read it clearly.

Becoming Visible
The main reason to use search engine optimization as a service is that it will help your business move up the rankings on a search engine. The idea is mainly that you will be making the changes to your website structure, layout and content to make sure it fits with the search engine rules. From having keywords as a basis of your content to creating unique content that is valuable and worth sharing, the level of metrics that come into play when you start a search engine optimization campaign can be massively varied.

Basically, search engines look to promote the websites that get the best level of investigation and enjoyment from readers, using an almost uncountable level of metrics to make these range of dictate where your website will be sitting on the search engines.

It all starts with keywords mainly, though. Whilst the prominence of keywords has died out a huge amount as search engines become more intelligent and respond better to “human” lines of questioning, they still matter. For example using your major keyword in the page title, the URL of the website and in the description and meta sections of your website play an unquestionably important role in how well your business is going to do.

If your business lacks online performance, refine your search engine optimization parameters!

Learn How To Make Your Business Successful with Marketing

How To Achieve Business Success Through Marketing


What is it that makes a business successful? What keeps bringing customers back time and time again? There are business success stories everywhere, but they usually give little credit to the one element that can (and will) make or break their business: marketing.


How Does Marketing Fit Into Business?


Marketing means success. It’s easy to say this, but how does marketing bring you success? Marketing introduces your product to the consumer base. It gets the word out about the great product you’re selling. How else are your customers going to know about it unless they stumble onto your webpage or happen upon one of your stores’ locations? Marketing is what will pique their curiosity and get them through your doors (or to your webpage) to buy your products.


“The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself.” Peter Drucker


Who Does Marketing Benefit?


Everyone! Whether you’re a small business just starting out or an established business that’s well-known by consumers, marketing benefits anyone and everyone. Some businesses may not have as many success stories as others, possibly due to a poor marketing team or ineffective methods, but marketing will grow your business exponentially when used correctly. Marketing also benefits the consumers themselves by alerting them to your product. For example, if they need a non-stick pan but can’t afford expensive brands, your discounted non-stick pan that does the same job is the solution to their problem. You have fulfilled a need, and customers will thank you for it.


How Can I Use Marketing For My Business’ Success?


There are many marketing methods that can help you write your business success story. Both physical and virtual marketing techniques are effective. The number one success tip digital marketers will tell you is to increase your online presence through social media, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and email content marketing. This helps you establish yourself as an authority in your niche, as well as building credibility. Your reputation online is just as important as the quality of the products you sell.


“Content marketing is based on providing value to your target audience.” Neil Patel


How Much Does Marketing Cost?


It can be expensive. True, there are more cost-effective marketing methods e.g. email content marketing, social media, etc., but you should still expect to spend around 50% of your business’ budget on marketing in your first years. After that, the percentage can vary depending on your type of business and available budget. Just remember – marketing is what’s going to make you money, so don’t be afraid to invest in a plan that will lead to higher traffic, higher sales and a larger customer base. As they say, “You have to spend money to make money!”


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