Pay Per Click Advertising

When it comes to managing a modern business, many companies can struggle to get to grips with the modern advertising techniques that many are putting in place. From online advertising via social media to formats such as pay-per-click advertising (PPC), lots of businesses are left in technical limbo as they are unsure of what direction they should start to move in.


The best way to get around this kind of situation, though, is to work with a business who has a deep and defined advertising strategy fitted for your business ready to give you the help you need moving forward. All it’s going to take for you to do this properly is to start working with an advertising strategy built around your own budget, needs and industry.
Every business is different, and at Blurr Creative we concentrate on delivering something fresh and exciting that you can rely upon in the future.



We’ll remove the usual conceptual challenges with getting involved with advertising techniques from the online era, so if you are sick of asking yourself “What is PPC?” then we are here to help explain and then optimise the process for you. With the help of PPC marketing and campaigning, you can watch your business propel itself forward on a whole range of different benefits provided by this direct and effective form of marketing.

Indeed, this comes with a whole range of different PPC advertising plans set in place thanks to our position as Google Adwords Certified  when it comes to PPC marketing. This means that when you work with Blurr Creative, you know you are working with someone that Google believes is;
· Professional
· Ethical
· Capable of working with PPC rulings
· Uses only the smartest, most organic PPC plans to promote the advertisement
This can be very hard in the modern world, and we make sure that if you are looking to implement new advertising techniques that you have no problem in finding them through here. Since you can now easily create, manage and then maintain various AdWords accounts through our services you should have no problem getting noticed in the future. In fact, we’ll make it easier than ever for your business to start forging ahead and being spotted.
It might sound simplistic and it may appear to be very easy to do, but failure with PPC can set you back many years. What is PPC failure, then? It’s arranging poorly designed marketing campaigns that don’t catch the eye. With our team of certified Google experts who know how to work with the PPC plans out there, you can be sure that your advertisements will be more than just pixels that fill up your user’ screens.
Thanks to the help of our team, we can also maintain and manage all AdWords accounts as well as manage other advertising campaigns on social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn.


“Blurr Creative are not your typical Marketing Agency, they are in fact more in touch with the needs of an SME business and their objectives. They have helped to change our mindset by educating us over time as to what the landscape of our marketing efforts should be and the results we should expect. Blurr have provided us with the resource and structure of a proper Marketing department without the need to hire and get to grips with one of ourselves. Further, they have gone beyond that standard Marketing brief and provide broader expertise in areas such as strategy, graphic design and others that allow us to get our ideas to market in a much tighter timeframe.” Declan Hussey, CEO, DNA IT

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