Lead Gen Tools You Should Use In 2018

Jan 18, 2018


Lead Gen Tools You Should Use In 2018

The old story of ‘ build it and they will come’ is so far removed from the thoughts of the medium to large enterprises that they know what it takes to make their business tick along when it comes to lead generation online methods.

So what do you do to build leads as a start up or a small business that needs to make headway in a crowded marketplace?

Building the lead generation machine that you need can be a bit of a challenge, however once you get into the flow you begin to see that the tools and the effort becomes much more rewarding and you may get to the stage you have more leads than you can handle!

Sounds great doesn’t it but this all comes with a warning, yes you can generate leads via the tools and tactics I will share with you below but you must follow up on these leads, by doing so you will find that the close rate will be quicker and easier!

Are you ready!

Let’s dive in and discover some of the Lead Gen Tools we use and recommend for using in 2018!


Lead Gen Tools You Should Use In 2018

1. Intercom Acquire

To kick us off we are looking at something which is just more than a live chat function for your website, Intercom is a sales machine that can help you interact at the touch of a button.

By using a small but noticeable chat box you can set rules for each page on your website that display different messages, so it’s a bit more personable than ‘Hi can i help you’.

As an example if someone visits you pricing page for more than 30 seconds (or what time you want to set it to ) and has come back again for a second look you could display a message like this:

When your visitor answers you can jump straight in there and even video chat if you wish, great for dealing with pricing questions and overcoming objections that may otherwise go unchallenged.

Go check them out you will see why this is one of the leading lead gen tools for 2018

2. Lead Forensics

Forms on your website are great, but what if the visitor isn’t ready to complete the form it could be a lost lead for you… roll in Lead Forensics.

As we are a user of Lead Forensics we can tell you how it works and how it doesn’t.

First off these guys have thought about the process well and deliver exactly what you need a lead that is interested in your services in browsing mode.

Whilst the visitor is busy finding out about your business (clicking on different pages of your site) Lead Forensics is busy recording who the visitor is , the pages they have visited and how long they have spent there.

In the portal of Lead Forensics you will see all this information, the company details and some email addresses that have been captured of key people in the visiting company.

Lead Forensics works by capturing the IP address of the user, however if the user is mobile the IP cannot be tracked this you need to bear in mind.

We have countless examples of how well Lead Forensics works as long as you use the portal everyday (or at least log in) although you do get email alerts when visitors appear on your website to check them out.

When you see the leads the best way to use the tool was to go to Linked in check up on the company find the contacts and make an introduction as they already by now know who you are.

Conversion rates are really good with Lead Forensics as its a action based tool for you and your sales team.

Hubspot are the pioneers of inbound marketing and have put a lot of tools in one box ( a very big box) that you can get your teeth into.

What I would say is that you do have to understand a bit of the inbound methodology to make it work to your advantage, however once you ‘get it’ you can possibly use the Hubspot CRM.

There are three versions of the software – Hubspot Sales Free, Hubspot Sales Pro and Hubspot Marketing.

Currently we use Hubspot Sales Pro which helps us track all our sales activities, who opens emails ( email tracking) sales email templates and more.

The best tools we find are the que system (where you can build a list to either call or email directly from hubspot) this is a focussed activity for us and sidekick, this works to track all email opens, clicks and re opens.

Lastly there is a meeting tool link to set up appointments within the CRM and a dashboard to see how well you are doing on your activities.

Hubspot are working on more features as they go, but compared to others we have used such as Pipedrive, Capsule , ZOHO we find this one is by far the most complete solution for us and our teams.

4. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

If you’re in B2B sales, LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator is a great tool for capturing leads. Alongside receiving lead recommendations and seeing who’s viewed your profile, the Sales Navigator enables you to save leads into your CRM directly from LinkedIn.

5. Datanyze

Datanyze is an outbound sales tool designed to help software and tech companies save time prospecting. The main benefit of Datanyze is that it shows you the technology used by your prospects – and even helps you find new prospects based on what technology they use.

6. Quora

Often overlooked but could become the best sales tool you ever had.

It’s all about knowledge on Quora the more you know about the questions being asked you could become helpful to someone and be able to strike up a more professional relationship moving forward.

An element of trust can build on Quora between the people searching for answers and you providing advice and possibly the solution.

7. Hoovers

Hoovers pride themselves on being the ‘largest single source of business information’ anywhere. This means that if it is personalised leads that you require for your business, then Hoovers is a great place to look.

8. Turnstile

Use video for your products or services?

A well timed lead capture form placed within your video can help you collect leads and turn them into customers.

Turnstile is a simple feature offered by Wistia a video platform provider.

The Turnstile feature helps you place a simple form at a timed point when the video plays ( begining, middle or end) you at this point know they are engaged by watching the video so why not ask them to subscribe to a channel or a newsletter or even offer within the form.

Wistia a different and visual lead gen tools for 2108

9. SlideShare

Now a Linkedin learning tool, SlideShare is probably the most effective sales tools you can have if you get the topic and content right.

The key for this is to invest in some great design for your SlideShare and make it simple, when that happens you may find your prized SlideShare could be featured own the homepage of Slideshare and this could lead to plenty of views for your product, service or advice placing you were you want to be in front of targeted leads.

Sales Tools = Effort

Whilst all the above sound amazing and you want to jump right in (just like we did on a few of them) you will need to look at your goals and what’s keeping you awake at night regarding sales.

The sales tools we have shown don’t guarantee you success, thats only you that can do that and if you don’t follow up on your leads your competitor will.

We hope this list is useful and if you know any others let us know (yes we know there are plenty) please do get in touch.

Lead Gen Tools You Should Use In 2018

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