Facebook is it time to pay to play?

Jan 25, 2018

It was only a matter time as Facebook progresses as being the leader in social media channels that pay to play is looking more the norm.

If your doing well your reach could be between 1-6%, however this will decline and if you are a smaller brand/smaller business you may want to start preparing for a zero reach and start thinking outside the box to get better results.

So how do you try and maintain your already hard worked for results without spending loads of cash in doing so?, here are some tips that can work.

1. Focus on video

Video is more the norm and let’s face it a bit more enjoyable, so we suggest you get video into your strategy for 2018.

Facebook announced late last year the first rival to Youtube called Facebook Watch.

The new platform will eventually take over Youtube and will be sporting a tab within the Facebook tab that you can discover shows to watch/download all within the app , so you could say Facebook want you to be using the platform  first screen (TV) and second screen (phone, laptop, tablet).
2. Broadcast with Live video more

Use more live video, still as popular as ever they do get more organic reach than any other.

3. Create short form ’snackable’ videos

Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook chief operating officer recommends creating ‘snackable’ video content. That is, between 6-15 seconds. This is the ideal length to be used as ad breaks. On the Q2 2017 earnings call, Sandberg cited an example split test by juice company Tropicana where they ran 6 second and 15 second video ads, and the shorter one fared best.

4. Add captions to your videos

Do use captions?

As with all media it can be watched everywhere so there is no surprise that 85% of videos are watch with the sound off.

Although Facebook provides a captions tool, they are considering having autosound permanent switched on which sounds a bit weird, currently captions will only work on completed videos.

If you need a good transcription service try these guys out

Be A Hero Not A Zero On Facebook Reach

By concentrating on assets you have created ( e-books, infographics and blog posts as an idea) and building the right audience for each one then you can look at attacking the ads.

There are plenty of tools within Facebook that can guide you to get the best results these are:

As you can see Facebook is now making a mark on the social industry like never before and hopefully you benefit now before the tide turns.

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