Facebook Events gets an overhaul, Welcome to Facebook Local

Feb 05, 2018

In the eyes of Facebook, Facebook Events isn’t inclusive enough for making plans with friends.

Which I totally agree, so to help you discover bars, restraints and nearby attractions Facebook has rebranded the standalone Events app as Facebook Local.

This sounds more like a shift to move in on the Yelp territory by combining events and permanent places into a single search engine powered by Facebooks 70 million business pages plus reviews and friends check ins.

Facebook Local product manager Aditya Koolwal tells tech Crunch the goal was to “Make it a lot easier to do certain kind of looks ups that are very common when making plans with friends.” Easier is key, considering Facebook Events never made it above #139 on the social networking app charts and SensorTower estimates it only got 100,000 downloads.

facebook local screen

For now, Facebook Local won’t feature ads from businesses and events trying to stand out, but says “we’ll think about advertising way further down the line.”
Although the features are slightly hidden the rebrand will let you see that the ‘Nearby’ feature will be called ‘Local’, however this is still separate from Facebook Events.

There is other improvements coming along which would include, Order Food feature and a similar feature to Snapchat’s Snap Map which is helpful for hooking up with friends that are nearby.

Although Facebook Local is not available in the UK as of yet, the reviews are positive and we are sure that this will follow the new mission statement from Facebook ‘Bringing the world closer together’ which applies to nightlife.

You can sign up to be notified of the changes for Facebook Local here.

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