5 Reasons Why Blog Writing Is Seriously Good For Your Business

Jul 10, 2017

5 Reasons Why Blog Writing Is Seriously Good For Your Business:

Warning! Blogging can take time however the benefits are just too good!

So content is the big thing right now with over 2 Million (yes that’s million) blogs written every day you can see how this is so popular.

So how do you get started writing blogs and how do they contribute to your success?

You could think that writing a blog post can take a long time to do, however, if you are organized it can be done in less than an hour!

I mean the above is just one of the reasons that people do not write blog posts so it’s dead in the water before it starts and you have five million other things to do.

5 reasons why hubspot imnage

B2B Companies that blog 11+ times per month had almost 3X more traffic than those blogging 0-1 times per month. HubSpot, 2015

Why you should blog is clear to see from the above chart from our friends at Hubspot, the question is are you convinced yet?

Here are my reasons on why you should blog for your business!

5 Reasons Why Blog Writing is Seriously Good for Your Business

1. Like, Know and Trust – Be Persuasive
In business, you build working relationships with people that you know, like and trust. When you write a blog, this can give others an insight into the personality behind your business. However some bloggers kind of get the wrong of the stick and promote, promote and more which is an instant turn off for your readers! So stop selling and start persuading your readers.

You will need to consider the following to avoid readers hitting the exit button:


Yes it is a lot to consider however you need to dig deeper and this comes with time and by developing your craft as a blogger you will find it does become second nature.

2. Shows Expertise
Are you talented? Of course, you are or you wouldn’t be reading this! The content of a blog can provide you with the perfect platform to show off your expertise in your field. It can give others an insight into the things that you can offer without being too pushy! Consider pain points of your audience and share your experiences with them this will provide you with a good opening relationship with the reader as well as help the reader how to solve the challenge they have been bugging them for months!

3. Adds Value
I am all about adding value.You have an opportunity to share the knowledge that you have to a wider audience and the best thing is that I don’t expect anything in return and neither should you! By adding value you are building a platform to share your experiences and give answers to a prospect’s most pressing questions and who knows this can build over time and develop into a working relationship.

4. SEO Content
My most favorite subject! Yes, there are a billion reasons why blogging can help your efforts in the world od SEO (ok not a billion, you get what I mean). If done properly you will find that your blogging efforts will not go unnoticed. There are so many technical and easy ways to set up your blog post for SEO success, however, the main thing I would suggest is to do your research on keywords to get your hard work noticed and with the use of WordPress friendly plugins your bloglife can become so much easier.Google loves SEO content on your website Nuff said!.

5. Sharing It All
They say sharing is caring! It is and the more you share the better it is for your blog and in turn, you should really re-tweet, like, pin, +1 and more! Social media is the ideal platform for your blog to get recognized, scan the questions on all platforms and help out by answering them now not all platforms will work for your business, however, this is the measuring part that us geeks like(yes that’s me).You could reach out to other bloggers in 160 characters or less and link up with them to help promote your content and provide knowledge on topics that they are eager to find out about!

Be helpful, not pushy! l

5 Reasons Why Blog Writing Is Seriously Good For Your Business

Convinced yet!

I hope you are as we love blogging and providing knowledge to others (with the sharing is caring part).

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