3 Free Digital Resources For Your New Start Up

Dec 08, 2017

Nowadays you can still hear the wheels of Entrepreneurialism turning with the rising of tech startups and Mr. and Ms. Fix it thinking about starting their own business.

However, when you are at startup stage you are looking to save or DIY almost everything this will ultimately come down to your time (how well you manage it) and your resources (cash being one of them)

Branding and Digital Awareness is something that can be done on a small budget and we thought it could be an idea to write a post to help all startups look at Digital Awareness in a different light without going for a deep dive into your pockets and finding well some change and a button!

The digital marketing age has come from nowhere and the pace is lightning fast, so you may have to run to keep up, however, there are so many well-documented ways of entering into the digital stratosphere online you could almost be on top of your game in no time.

So without delay lets see how we can help you navigate some areas in the digital marketing landscape and who knows you might even try some yourself!

3 Free Digital Resources For Your New Start up

1. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Get educated:
Seo Moz
Search Engine Land

SEO or ‘search engine optimisation’ is the practice of making your website appear as high up the search engine results pages or ‘SERPs’ as possible. Page one results yes can be fruitful, however, it’s all in the keyword research.
By visiting the links mentioned you will find a huge resource explaining all that is SEO and when it comes to working on your own website you can finally understand that there is “ no black magic” involved just a bit of thought and a degree of skill.

Get Coding – Basic HTML – Cost: £0

HTML is a process that isn’t that complicated and by learning a few basic skills taught at w3Schools as an example you will find that adding the basics to your website such as meta tags, H1 tags, image tags and so forth isn’t that scary at all, you just need to know the lingo!

Build Links – Cost: £0

Building links used to be a scary concept for some, in fact, you could pay for links in the old days and get ranked very well for that, however times have changed.

There are 3 areas where you should consider Link Building these are:

SEO specialists don’t really have to do much here, all that is required is a great piece of content and promoting this very well via social channels and email.

Manual Outreach
This works in such a way where you reach out to influential bloggers and newsworthy sites in the hope that they find your content good enough to place on their website which will be high in Page Rank and thousands of subscribers.
Go and look for web forms (contact us forms) and send the webmaster an email, your blog could get published on their site.

Self Created/ Non-Editorial
You can still have some return on placing your website or blog URL on directory websites, blog comments and or user profiles.
This has a low value and needs to be approached with caution you can be penalized if this becomes too spammy.

Create quality content – Cost: £0 (virtually)

Quality content is everything these days. You may say well why would anyone want to read my nonsense on “ how to properly tie your tie” as an example, however, you will be amazed how interesting that is!

The way to think about content is:

  • Who is reading it? (your audience)
  • What would they want to know? ( what keeps them awake at night)
  • Is your post going to help them? ( your content is there to help not to say how amazing you are ).

This can be collated in a post filled with great content, imagery, Infographics, and video.

Did you notice that I didn’t mention sell anything?
Well, that’s part of the process, the reader if you think of it this way has only found your post the last thing they want is to be sold to!

It’s about education and steps to help your reader get comfortable with you.
If you think you can’t write a blog well just try there are plenty of resources available for you to learn about it, moreover if your blog is popular it can spread across the social channels quickly and easily.

By producing great content you will find your website gets more views and gives you the opportunity to let readers know that you really know your stuff!

3 Free Digital Resources For Your New Start Up

2. PPC

Get Educated:
Google AdWord Online Classroom

‘Pay-Per-Click’ is a quick and relatively easy way to get noticed online, however, this comes with a note of caution.
In my experience clients have spoken to us before, tried to use Google Adwords (PPC) whilst some very successfully others have mismanaged the budget and got burned with no real results.

With Google Adwords you can:
* Set a daily budget
* Control the days, times and locations that ads show
* Use Google Adwords Extensions such as Call To Click ( tracking of phone numbers supplied by Google is an option)
* Add metrics to your Google Analytics dashboard (measure results)

Learn Google AdWords – Cost: £0

Google Adwords is an amazing tool to help you spring sales into action.

By learning how the system works, managing the dashboard and having the right budget you can see how this is the most popular way to drive customers to your business.
Budget is key to get a good return you should aim to spend around £15 – £25 per day on Google Adwords.

Research and Define Your Keywords – Cost: £0

So you think Google Adwords sound like the ideal vehicle to get customers to your door?
Whoa there! Before considering this I would suggest you look at how customers would find you on search engines, in layman’s terms – what would people type in a search bar to find your business apart from your company name?

In our case it is ‘marketing agency paisley’(as an example) now this has a double win for ourselves as it is a keyword that a potential customer will type in the search engines; so in SEO terms we make it page one of Google for that term, similarly if we used Google Adwords we would appear further up in the listings.

With Google Adwords you will be entered into an auction for keyword popularity and depending on how popular your keywords are at that time will depend on how much you pay per click.(PPC)

In certain terms it can be trial and error on keyword selection, therefore it is important to manage your Google Adwords account.

Manage Your Adwords Account – Cost: £0

Once you learn a little more about Google Adwords, your management of the account can take a few minutes every day.
This ensures that you keep an accurate eye on what your spending, what is working and what is not plus what new keyword suggestions are made available via Google Adwords.
Try it out.

3 Free Digital Resources For Your New Start Up

3. Social Media

Get educated:
Digital Buzz
Mashable Social Media

You can’t escape social media and it’s still growing at an unbelievable rate, however, this is an under-utilized platform.

With the most active user networks being:
* Linkedin – 100 million per month
* Facebook – 1.59 billion per month
* Twitter – 320 million per month
* Instagram – 400 million per month

*source makeawebsitehub

What is the right platform for you?

You don’t need to be on every social network to make a success of social networking, by all means, try them out however you will find that some you will love and others you just cannot get your head around.

Some social networks are very easy to work with and have great insights (such as LinkedIn) and some incorporate more of a fun factor but you can still make headway on paid for advertising.

Most of the social networks allow specific targeting to your audience which may be as specific as you like or as broad.
So look at what effective for you!

Social media brand consistency Cost: £0 (virtually)

If you look the same the brand becomes recognizable on whichever platform you choose to work with so make it consistent throughout.
You would be surprised how easy it is and how many people don’t follow this up.

Not got a designer?
You can use sites like FIVERR to find someone to do this job really easy and are great for this kind of thing.

Engage with your audience – Cost: £0

Sure you can post what you had for dinner and when your batteries have run out on your Mac keyboard but does anyone really care?

No that’s the friendly side of social; what you may need to consider is the message you are trying to get across and how you deliver it.

Biggest tool you can use is video, say you were a football training school and you could give away a free training session with a professional footballer.
Make up a well-edited video and how the training school helps young kids develop their skills and pop it on Facebook.
You can include the promotional offering at the end of the video, show your branding off and there you go some engaged followers.

You can also push this further (keeping the football theme) by including alike and share incentive where if you reach a certain amount of likes and shares you will give away a signed football of the local team!

Keep your audience engaged that is the key.

So there you have it!
3 ways that don’t cost a fortune to get yourself online.
Not all will suit you and obviously, your time will be a major factor here.
What one will you start with?

3 Free Digital Resources For Your New Start Up

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